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Life lessons with Charlene, the Star and bulldog Bentley

March 3, 2015
5.0 out of 5 starsBentleyCoverMarch 2, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I throughout enjoyed the story about Charlene The Star and Bentley the Bulldog.

Deanie Dunne has done it again. I first was reading Charlene the star and Hattie’s Heroes. I already loved that incredible story about the horse and the chicken with their thinking’s and their conversations and there things they did, helping other horses and animals to believe in themselves. Horses that they can win races and chickens to believe in themselves.

Now in that story they are doing the unthinkable and organize a talent show. Everyone was invited, particular the chickens. The show was there to show the animals that everyone could do something and was good in it. And it was building up their self-esteem. They invited Bentley, the bulldog. He has to learn, that bullying, what he was doing and was very good in it, is not good and he learns his lesson. He learns the value of friendship and he becomes good friends with Charlene, the horse and Hattie the chicken.

Children can see that they can believe in oneself that they can achieve what they like to be. Building up their self-esteem.

Deanie’s books are especially good for children to see and to learn that they can achieve what they like to be.
The little drawing are going fantastic with the book

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