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Never give up, a heartwarming true story

April 6, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Are there road blocks in your way? Do you have to do a big decision? Is a physical challenge hindering you to do what you really want to do?
Are you following your dreams?

Deanie Dunne made a major decision and it changed her life.

She wanted badly, desperately to ride horses, even jumping and go to shows. I seamed easy enough for most of people but not for Deanie. You see, she has cerebral palsy. And that is what hindering her to do what she wanted. Did it really?

No, it did not hinder her. She just didn’t accept it. Her Dad was always behind her and promised her that he will teach her to ride horses, her dream.

He opened a riding school to keep his promise and called the school “Sweetbrier”. She was five years old when Dad put her the first time on a horse. Disaster after disaster and falling off many times. Did she stopped trying? No, she didn’t stop. With determination and endurance she made it. She would never give up, that was not an option.

Soon she could ride by herself and even entered into shows and jumping shows. She loved it and she was in her element. Never give up.

You have to read the book, it’s heart-warming, and you feel her determination between the lines and the happiness she feels when she became a champion.

It is a great book for everyone, not only for children.

This review was written by Gigi Sedlmayer, the author of the Talon book series.

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