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Children’s books: Knowledge

May 7, 2015

Macey is a presidential expert at 5 years old!

When I write children’s books, I love when the characters gain knowledge, or change bad behavior. It’s exciting when children learn something new. Sometimes we hear about a child who has an extraordinary quest for learning. Let’s talk about five year-old Macey Hensley.

Little Macey lives in Kansas. She loves learning about the United States presidents. Are you wondering what kind of things she uncovered while she’s been studying them? She found out one president got stuck in the bathtub “because he was too fat.” She even has a favorite president Zachary Taylor. Why do you think he’s her favorite? It’s because his favorite color is blue! Macey says she wants to become president so “She can eat all the candy she wants.”  When Macey was on  “The Ellen Show” she spoke about George Washington. She said, ” A reporter made up the story about George cutting down the cherry tree so people would like him. She also added, ” By the time he was president he only had one real tooth left.” Ellen asked Macey how she first got interested in learning about the presidents. Macey said she noticed Andrew Jackson was on the twenty-dollar bill and she would like her picture to be there someday.

How do you suppose Macey started learning about presidents? Her grandma got her some flash cards about the presidents and then she started reading books about them. Isn’t that amazing? Ellen even arranged for Macey to visit the White House. While she was there, she saw portraits of the presidents hanging on the wall and she commented on each of them. She is certainly an amazing little girl. I hope she inspires other children to learn more about our history. I’ll bet before she becomes president she’ll write children’s books about some of our presidents.

If you’d like to know more about some of my children’s books that encourage developing talents, you might enjoy Charlene the Star. In this story, Charlene, the beautiful red horse, finds that she doesn’t like racing. How will she show her trainers that? Will she become a model instead? In another of my children’s books,  Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, Hattie the Chicken learns she has talents for organizing and planning events. Have you read any of the children’s books in the Charlene the Star series? Which one is your favorite?

Copyright 2015 Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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