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May 24, 2015
Charlene's cover from Barnes and Noble
By Flo Barnett on January 19, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

As a youngster I dreamed of having a horse of my own. But living in the city, making this fantasy a reality wasn’t ever going to happen for me. Charlene the Star gave me the opportunity to return to my childhood and relive a time when anything seemed possible. Dunne’s story is a unique tale of melding both the human and animal worlds together in such a way that both groups can talk, feel, grow, and develop in very similar ways. The educational factor of this book is fantastic. We learn about the ins and outs of race horses and jumpers while being taught that we as people need to be ourselves and make our own decisions. From Charlene we realize that although our parents love us and want what’s best for their children, sometimes we must set out on our own to achieve the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves. It takes courage to take such a journey, but if we never try, how will we ever become the individuals we’re destined to become! On her own, Charlene meets people and other animals she must learn to trust. She develops lasting friendships which serve to enhance her aspirations and enrich her journey. See what I mean? I started out telling you about horses and ended by speaking of human development. A book that can accomplish this is indeed unique! A great read for all ages!
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  1. Thanks for stopping by Colleen! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

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