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Kid’s books: Heroes

June 24, 2015
Isaiah and Jeremiah are real heroes!

Isaiah and Jeremiah are real heroes!

When  I write kid’s books, I love to have a hero among the characters.  I think children love heroes and remember their bravery.  Today we’ll talk about two real-life young heroes, Isaiah Francis and Jeremiah Grimes from Oakland, Florida.  The boys were playing video games, unaware  they would soon be hailed as heroes themselves.  Suddenly, they smelled smoke and rushed outside to find that he house next door was in flames.  They saw the Dad outside, trying to find some water.  The boys asked him if there was anyone inside and the man told them there were two babies trapped in the kitchen.  In an instant, they raced inside.  Jeremiah scooped up the infant and Isaiah carried the toddler to safety. Jeremiah said all they could see was “black with orange flames everywhere.” He he was “Pretty scared, but he fought through his fears.”  How did Jeremiah get through the scary time? He said he was thinking “stay calm and focused on what I’m doing.” Great advice, right? – See more at:

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