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October 30, 2015

How do you feel about kid’s books withIsn’t it wonderful when we read about real-life heroes? Have you heard about fifteen year-old Temar Boggs? He heard that a little girl from his neighborhood was kidnapped. When Temar and his friends saw the neighborhood swarming with police cars and policemen starting their search for the little girl, he and his friends immediately joined the effort to find her.  He had “A gut feeling that he and his friends would be able to find her.” Temar and one of his friends, Chris Garcia, took their bikes and rode along some of the local streets to search for the missing child. As they rode along, observing cars and drivers, Temar noticed a maroon car  swerving “into and out of the side streets.”  When he got close to the maroon car, Temar saw a little girl inside. When the car reached the top of the hill, the man opened the door and pushed the little girl out! She immediately ran into Temar’s  open arms! She didn’t want to let go of him. The little girl told him, “I need to see my mommy.” At first, Temar put her on his shoulders while he pedaled his bike. But then he decided that wasn’t safe so he gave his bake to Chris and carried the little girl toward his house. You can imagine how excited the little girl’s family was when she was safely returned. – See more at: main characters as heroes?

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