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An interview with Bentley Bulldog

December 11, 2015


Bently Cover Front small

“Good morning, Bentley, it’s so nice to be chatting with you this morning.”
“Thank you, Deanie, I’m pleased to be here.” Can we please get right to the questions, I have a busy day.”
“Sure Bentley, we’ll get right on that.”

Please tell everyone something about your story, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog.
I kind of accidentally met Charlene the Star and her animal friends while I was looking for adventure myself. Charlene the Star is a pretty red horse who loves jumping. Boy, I can’t believe those big jumps she sails right over! She’s amazing. Charlene has big dreams. She wanted to win a special award for jumpers. But I can’t spoil the fun and tell you too much. I made other friends too, like Hattie the Chicken and Elliott, the dog with the big head.

Did you like Hattie when you first met her?
Uh, oh, do we have to talk about THAT?
I’m afraid we do, Bentley. Readers like to know those things.It’s  okay, you don’t have to cover your face because you’re embarrassed, Bentley.
Hattie loves hats, so I decided to tease her.
Well, I wasn’t nice at all. In fact, here’s wh
at I said to poor little Hattie:
“I”m Bentley. It’s silly to see a chicken wearing a bonnet! Chickens can’t do anything. Have you ever heard of anyone talking about a chicken’s outstanding skills? No! No one even talks about them unless they’re on the dinner menu.”
How rude! You were quite a bully, weren’t you, Bentley?
I was quite obnoxious. Hattie asked me if I was a “professional bully.” I practiced enough so I could have been, but nobody ever paid me for it. But I managed to learn a lot, amazingly.
Tell us about Elliott

Ah, Elliott’s a nice dog. He has big brindle spots and an over sized head. He helps other animals with self-esteem and confidence. He’s quite gentle and caring, actually. He enjoys helping his animal friends.
What happened to Hattie when she heard about the headline in “The Gazette?”
Oh, my, she nearly fainted. I had to help her to her chair. By then, I’d started to realize being a bully wasn’t a great idea. The headline said:”Depression Spreading Among Chickens!” Hattie was so worried about her friends she made a plan to help them. We all thought we should do something to cheer up her friends so we planned a special event.
How sweet!
“I need to be running along now. I promised to help Elliott with a little project.”
“Thanks for spending time with me today, Bentley. It was fun talking about your book.
“You’re welcome, Deanie. I had fun as well.”

Benley-picture 2-Bentley escorting Hattie

Crossing guard Bentley escorting Hattie across the street.

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