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I Love Grandma

December 29, 2015
 A delightful Christmas tale!, December 28, 2015
Hi everyone, I thought you might enjoy learning about Joyce Mitchell’s adorable new book. Here’s my review.I love Grandma cover
This review is from: I Love Grandma (Paperback)
By Deanie Humphrys-Dunne on December 28, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

“I Love Grandma” is another adorable, sweet story by gifted author, Joyce Mitchell. This time Grandpa goes on a fishing trip so little Chip has to entertain Grandma. What will he do? He decides to make her a collection of beautiful ornaments representing his feelings for her. For example, he gives her a yellow stocking because “She’s his sunshine.” He also gifts her with creative things like a wand ornament because she always makes his day sparkle. You can see Chip adores his cute grandma. He even mentions he loves “The way she waddles like a penguin when she walks” and the fact that “her nose turns red like Rudolph’s.” Children and parents will giggle and thoroughly enjoy this delightful tale. It’s always good to remind them how important kindness and generosity is. If you haven’t already purchased Joyce Mitchell’s book “Christmas with Grandpa” you’re sure to love that one too! I highly recommend both books!


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  1. Thank you Virginia!

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