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Celebrate the small things..

February 5, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things…..

Hi Everyone,
It’s almost Friday again. That means we can celebrate big and small things that happened this week.
I hope all of you had a great week with lots to celebrate. Be sure to stop by to see what’s making everyone else happy.
Here’s what we’re celebrating this week…

  • A new family member. Some of you might remember that we name all of our cars. We needed a 4 wheel drive car so we’d be able to manage the snow in the winter. So we got a green minivan named Dylan. Do you think his name sounds good with Dodge or Dunne? 🙂 Dylan is not a new car, just new for us. But so far he’s been good and he likes the extra attention my husband gives him.
  • Birthdays for two of my favorite author friends. Actually, I’m late with the birthday wishes for Sarah and Yael, but hoping they’re still celebrating.
  • Oh, here’s my news I mentioned last week. It’s the exciting thing (more like unbelievable) Ready? I’m going on TV Feb. 23 to talk about my books!! Trying not to be nervous and hoping not to fall off the couch! I’ll be on a show called CT Style on WTNH. Any good thoughts on  that day at 8:30 AM would be so appreciated.
copyright 2016: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
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