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Children’s books: inspiration

February 7, 2016

If you write children’s books your goal may be to inspire others. Each of my children’s books aim to do that. They highlight good character such as developing your talents, and never giving up on your dreams. Charlene the Star takes a completely different career path than you expect.

Have you heard of a young lady named Kelly Sildaru? She’s thirteen years old and already a champion skier in the Winter X Games.  She’s from Estonia. Since Kelly is barely a teenager, she’s not eligible to compete in the World Cup skiing competitions. She became the youngest gold medal winner ever in the Winter X Games. Isn’t that amazing? Kelly won the Freestyle Competition. Does she get nervous? Here are her comments:

“She said she was nervous.” But when she was interviewed afterward Kelly “Pointed to her helmet and said,”It’s all in your head, giggling.” By the way, Kelly isn’t only the youngest competitor to win, she’s the smallest and lightest at just five feet one inch and eighty-eight pounds!

Kelly earned a score of 93 points in her best events. She performed the type of difficult spins and jumps the judges reward. The second place winner was Norway’s Tiril Sjastad Christiansen and Kelly’s team mate  Johanne Killi brought home the bronze medal.

Here’s what the silver medal winner had to say about Kelly’s talent:

“I have been watching her since she was even younger than this,” said

Christiansen, who stomped a switch 1080 on the final hit. “She just makes me a better skier and I want to push myself even harder when I see her ski.”

Last year, Chloe Kim, won the X Games gold medal winner, at thirteen years nine months old. She’s still excelling at skiing and she remains the second youngest winner in history.

Whether you write children’s  books or something else, it’s wonderful to use your talents and have fun at the same time.

For a picture of Kelly, click this link:

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