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How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 5 – How To Get Readers To Leave Comments On Your Blog Posts

March 14, 2016

Hugh's Views & News

The question I get asked most about blogging is “How do I get other bloggers and readers to leave comments on my post?” It’s an interesting question and one that can produce many different answers.

Most bloggers want readers to leave comments on their posts. Over the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve found many key elements of how to get readers to interact with me. However, today, I’m going to give you what I believe are the three most important.


Is this a no-brainer and something nobody needs to tell you? I think not because we probably all come across posts which have little content to strike up a comment, or posts that have been badly put together and leave us wondering why they’ve even been published.

From my first days as a blogger, I was always told that the quality of the posts I publish was going to be far…

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