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Two Ways of Viewing Life

April 12, 2016

Jolie and Piper's Writing


There are two ways of viewing life.

The first is to view yourself as a random event, basically feeling like there’s no real reason for you to be here and you just kind of happened.

The second is to feel purposeful, basically knowing that you have purpose and knowing that there is a reason that you were placed here and there is something good in store for yourself.

If one accepts the Random Event view of life success is…?

If one accepts the purposeful view of life, success has to be…

Finding your purpose

Fulfilling that purpose

Often the hardest part of success is finding our unique purpose in life.

Four reasons why fun should be a part of success:

A)purpose is exciting

B)fulfillment is fun

C)willing desire is rewarding

D)grumps are annoying


I think that I always kind of knew the purpose for my life and I…

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