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Smorgasbord Health – Nutrient of the week – Essential Fatty Acids

May 24, 2016

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smorgasbord health

In the last week I have looked at our brain, its structure and how it develops. On Monday I covered dementia and in particular Alzheimer’s Disease. Tomorrow there is the final part of this series, looking at the food that is needed to keep our brains healthy.  One of the essential nutrients contained in some of that food are essential fatty acids. As you will see from this post, these fatty acids are worryingly deficient in our modern diet and this has been linked to brain disease.

In recent years over 2,000 scientific studies have identified that there is a wide range of health problems associated with Omega-3 deficiencies. Unfortunately our modern diet is almost devoid of this essential fatty acid and in fact it is believed that around 60% of us are deficient in Omega-3. What is far more concerning is that a quarter of us may be so…

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