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New Release: When I Grow Up – Book 2

March 26, 2017

This is an adorable story. It’s sure to be a big hit.


Grow2-CoverrREV500When I Grow Up: Book 2(Smart Kids Bright Future): Michali Mazor, Sarah Mazor, Kathleen S Mallari: 9781544756776: Books

At age 15 (2013), Michali Mazor, a multi-talented teenager, penned her first children’s book, “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up”. In it, Michali shared memories of childhood musings about possible future occupation, as she dreamed about perhaps becoming an attorney, a city’s mayor, a princess, or a dressmaker among other things. She also reminded kids that it was wonderful to dream and hope so long as they also recognize the beauty of who they were and appreciate their childhood self.

The impetus for writing her first book was her love for kids and commitment to guiding and teaching them, a love that was already evident cover1500in her early teens. During summer vacations Michali worked with young children as their counselor in local day camps and during the…

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