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Coming Soon! My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses

April 5, 2017

Cover3 (1)My Life at Sweetbrier:                            Coming Soon!

A Life Changed by Horses

by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

What if you grew up on a horse farm and your single passion was to become a champion horseback rider? The problem is, you were born with a disability. Doctors tell your parents you’ll never walk, let alone ride. What will happen next? What does her dad do that changes her life? Will a failed racehorse and a handicapped girl become a winning team? This is the author’s true story of her journey. Even if Deanie prevails, will she find exactly the right horse to help her win?

Juvenile Non-Fiction

copyright 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne



  1. Thank you Abbie Lu. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog about my upcoming book. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks everyone. Happy Easter. Enjoy the day.

  3. Thanks, Didi Oviatt. Happy you stopped by.

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