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children’s books: perseverance

May 5, 2017

What if you had a big dream but no one would give you a chance to see what you could do? I felt like that sometimes when I was little because kids wouldn’t give me a chance to play games with them because I could’t run like them. Some of my children’s books deal with the power of perseverance and setting goals. For example, Tails of Sweetbrier highlights perseverance and Charlie the Horse, setting goals.

Have you heard about a young man named Jamarion Styles? He lost most of his arms, due to a rare bacterial infection he had as a baby. But Jamarion has a great attitude and a big dream. Every day he asked kids at the local community center if he could play basketball with them. Over and over again, his request was denied. Still, Jamarion persisted. He decided he would ask the coach at his middle school if he could join the basketball team.  He continued, “I don’t need to play; I just want to be on the team.”

Jamarion’s coach, Darian Williams, said,”How could I say no to a request like that.” The coach went on to say, “Jamarion was usually the first to come to the gym and the last to leave. He soon became know as the hardest worker on the team.”

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