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Kid’s books: Joy

May 11, 2017

Have you ever read kid’s books that bring joy into your life? These books make you smile from cover to cover.  I love reading books like that because I remember them and the messages they shared. As you may know, I love writing children’s books, which are uplifting and positive. Each one shares a special message. For example, Charlene the Star is the story of a beautiful red horse who doesn’t fit in with her friends. Her best friends, Blossom and Shy Ann, dream of becoming famous racehorses. But Charlene isn’t thrilled with racing. She finds it boring. Charlene even considers becoming a model until she learns they must diet constantly. She instantly decides even though her lovely red coat would look stunning under the lights, that career is not for her. This is one of the kid’s books which could leave you smiling.

Little Anu, who lives in England, is seven-years-old. She has lived her whole life with only one leg.  But doctors found a way to create a new prosthetic leg for her. Not only that, but they made her new leg a beautiful, bright pink color.Once Anu’s friends saw her new leg, they were consumed with joy. One said,”Is that your new leg, Wow!”m another little girl ran to Anu and hugged her. All of her friends merrily ran around the playground celebrating with her. Now Anu can, “Run, dance, and play like all of her friends.”

It’s wonderful to share joy with your friends. I hope most of all you remember not to judge them according to their strengths or limitations, but to value the type of person they are. Is your friend kind to you and others? Does he/she put the needs of others first? If so, this person is special and worthy of your friendship.

For more on Anu’s story, please visit this link:

copyright: 2017 Deanie Humphrys-Dunne



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