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Celebrate the small things

June 23, 2017

Hi Everyone,
Hope you had a great week. Every Friday we write about things that make us happy. Be sure to stop by to see what she and her blogging partners have to say this week.
Here’s what we’re celebrating this week:

  • Father’s Day was fun. Our sons came to visit. They mowed the grass for their Dad with our little mower,Wilbur. Here’s his picture. Isn’t he cute?  We love Wilbur so much we’re writing a picture book about him. After the mowing, we went to dinner.
  • Tomorrow my sister-in-law is coming. We don’t see her often,but we always have fun together.
  • First day of summer. I love warm weather.
  • Some of you may know I’m a baseball fan, especially the Yankees. My favorite team is back in first place after having a horrible week last week.

What are you celebrating? I’d love to know.
Have a great week.

copyright: 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

  • Wilbur

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the Day.

  2. You to MG. Thanks for stopping by.

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