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Survey: What would you like to know about writing a children’s book?

Hi everyone,
I designed a survey so I can write the perfect short perma-free book about things you’d like to know if you’re writing a children’s book. I want to be sure the questions are perfect for you so please take the time to answer these questions. Thank you so much.
Here are a couple of sample questions I’m considering for the book.
copyright 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

to see the survey, please go to :

You may also take the googleform survey here:

Thank you so much.


Just for fun

Hi everyone,
Let’s use our imaginations today.

  • What if you were a pony and you were bored.  What would you do  to show your rider you were totally uninterested?
  • What if you were a horse and everyone in your family loved racing, but you didn’t. How would you show your trainers you didn’t like it?
Hope you”re all having a great day and enjoying the summer so far.
copyright 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

RWD Book Launch Sunday 6th! (Relocation Without Dislocation)

Are you moving? It’s a big undertaking for sure, but Ndeye Labadens has a book with all kinds of helpful hints on how to have a stress-free move. Tomorrow and Monday are the launch days for her new book: Relocation Without Dislocation. She’ll share great hints and resources with you when you need them most!

Do you need to know more? Here are links to help you:

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Get your book and get ready for any type of relocation!

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copyright 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


Perfect Picture Book Friday: Chicken Wants a Nap PLUS Giveaway

Picture Books Help Kids Soar


It’s a good day to review a picture book and I’ve got a fabulous one for you!



Written by Tracy Marchini

Illustrated by Monique Felix

Published by Creative Editions (August 15, 2017)

Ages: 3-8

Themes: Life on the farm, humor, dealing with frustration

Synopsis: From Amazon:

The sun is up, and a happy barnyard chicken is looking forward to a comfortable day—preferably one that includes a relaxing nap. However, every time she tries to find a good spot, something goes wrong. The sun disappears and is replaced by rain. She is driven out of the warm barn by obnoxious noises and smells. The dog is too curious for her to stay on the porch. Finally, the rain stops, and the worms come out. This is good news for the chicken—but bad news for the worms!

Why I like this book:

  • Simple text that…

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How to Help an Author …

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

Buy/Borrow, Read, Promote to other readers
… those books you enjoy.


Never expect the author to give you a free copy. But, if they offer to do so, you shouldn’t feel you are under any obligation to either read the book or give it a rave review. Unless you truly enjoyed reading that book. (As far as I’m concerned, I’m always thrilled to death with the thought that someone else may be reading my book!)

Buying or borrowing a copy from the library is the best show of support. (And if your local library does not have the book in their collection or the bookstore doesn’t have it in stock then this is a good time to mention the book to them. Did you know that most libraries encourage their patrons to recommend books that may be added to their collections? Both print and eBooks in most cases ……

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This Little Girl is the Hero Bookmobiles Need

Kristen Twardowski

Orange_County_Public_Library_Bookmobile,_circa_1965.jpg Photo courtesy of Orange County Archives, “Orange County Public Library Bookmobile,” ca. 1965, via Wikimedia.

I was lucky. Growing up, two local libraries that were just a short drive away. But not all kids have access to that many books.

In recent years, the town of Wellington in Carbon County, Utah has had a tight budget. Coal revenues have been falling, so the county commission has had to scramble to find enough money to continue operating local government services. In order to balance finances, the county commission voted to cut funding for the bookmobile and other programs. If this budget was implemented, the people of Wellington would have had their chances to find and read new books drastically cut.

This horrified one local book lover, 10-year-old October Hamilton, who leapt into action.

“We don’t have a library,” October told KSL reporters. “And the bookmobile is the only book…

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New 5-star review!

A wonderful story that will give courage and drive to young …, July 31, 2017
This review is from: My Life at Sweetbrier: A Life Changed by Horses (Kindle Edition)
Sweetbrier is a marvellously inspirational book. The author narrates the story of her life from birth until her teenage years. Horses were her inspiration during those formative years.
She experienced negativity and pessimism that her disability would be a barrier to her aspirations to become a successful horsewoman.
Her determination, supported by her close family, particularly her father, drove her to overcome every hurdle put in her path.
A wonderful story that will give courage and drive to young readers.
Peach and Me

Deanie and Peach from My Life at Sweetbrier photo by Bob Moseder


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